70+ Best Websites That Pay You to Write| Earn Up to $1000 per Article.

Are you looking for websites that pay you to write articles? Well, you have found the right article. Today, I will show you the 70+ best websites that pay up to $1000 per article.

Writing content for websites that pay you in real-time is the actual deal. If you are a new freelance writer, searching for writing jobs every day can be stressful.

The most difficult part about being a freelance content writer is perhaps having a continuous flow of work that will not only keep you busy throughout but will also ensure higher monthly income.

But there is good news here! The internet offers plenty of websites that pay you to write. All you need to do is look out for websites that are genuine and accept articles in your niche.

Benefits of writing articles for the websites that pay you to write.

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  • Earn High Income: Writing articles on these websites can make you a good amount of money if you adhere to their rules and guidelines for article submission. Some of the websites pay you as high as $750 per article, so even if you manage to write 2 articles in a month, you can easily earn $1500 per month and that is not bad for a beginner.

  • The flexibility of Time: The best part about writing articles for websites that pay you to write is that you can choose to write whenever you want. You can aim at completing an article in a day or a week, there is no deadline whatsoever.

  • Work from Anywhere: Another benefit to writing for websites that pay writers is that you can work from anywhere in the world. So, even if you have travel plans, you can easily carry your laptop with you and work as much or as little as you want without disrupting your schedule and daily life.

  • Write what you like: There are some websites that accept articles only on a particular niche but there are other websites that accept articles on any topic as long as they have adhered to their guidelines like correct use of language, minimum word count, etc.

Below is the list of 70+ websites that pay you to write articles.

1. Listverse – $100 per article

2. Make a Living Writing – $75 to $150 per article

3. The Penny Hoarder -$75 per article

4. 5 Best Things – $20 per article

5. Tutorial Board – $150 per article

6. Elite Personal Finance – $300 per article

7. All Pet Voices – not disclosed

8. Cracked.com – $100 to $250 per article

9. Narratively – not disclosed

10. The Points Guy – $300 per article

11. I Work Well – $200 per article.

12. Loaded Landscapes – $20 to $150 per article

13. A Fine Parent – $75 per article

14. Income Diary – $150 to $300 per article

15. WeAreTeachers -$100 per article

16. Medium – not disclosed (paid on views)

17. Longreads – $500 per essay

18. Copy Hackers – $300 to $1000 per article

19. Funds for Writers – $75 per article

20. Credium –  $250 per article

21. Hubpages – $50 to $100 per article

22. Wemedia – not disclosed (paid on views)

23. Smart Business Trends – $100 to $200 per article

24. The Freshbooks Blog – $200 per article

25. Newsbreak – not disclosed (paid on views)

26. Vocal.media – not disclosed (paid on views)

27. Eat Your World – $25 to $40 per article

28. Paid for Articles – $10 per article

29. LobeLog-$100 per article

30. The American Interest – $200 per article

31. NurseGuidance – $50 to $100 per article

32. ZEAL – $100 per article

33. Transitions Abroad – $75 to $150 per article

34. Vibrant Life – $100 to $300 per article

35. wikiEspressoMachine – $100 per article

36. What Culture – $25 to $500 per article

37. The Sun Magazine – $300 to $2,000 per article

38. Vqr Online – $200 to $1000 per article

39. Well Being – AU$150 -AU$1000 per article

40. Wander Lust – £220 per article

41. Chicken Soup – $200 per article

42. Alaska Magazine – not disclosed

43. A List Apart – not disclosed

44. Wonders List – $5 per article

45. Peril – $50 to $100 per article

46. Truity– $100 to $150 per article

47. Liisbeth -$100-$2,000 per article

48. Quill Blog – $50 to $150 per article

49. Baby and You – $20 to $100 per article

50. Wow Women on Writing – $50 to $100 per article

51. Strong Whispers – $50 to $150 per article

52. Link- Able – $100 to $750 per article

53. Michelle Pippin – $50 to $150 per article

54. Metro Parent – $50 to $75 per article

55. UX Booth – $100 per article

56. Tales from the Banana – $100 per article

57. WP Hub -$100 to $200 per article

58. Pixlr Blog – $200 per blog post

59. GUTS – $100 per article

60. My Used Car Blog – $20 to $100 per article

61. Go East – $100 per article

62. Family Story – $100 per article

63. Zift – $100 per article

64. The PTDC.com – $100 per article

65. CircleCI – $300 per article

66. Appy Pie – $100 per blog post

67. Geekflare – $60 to $250 per article

68. Elegant Themes builds – $250 per article

69. GitLab – $200 per post

70. Postmark blog – $200 to $300 per article

71. Dataquest blog – $250 per article

72. Couchbase – $200 per article

73. SlickWP – $100 per article

74. Distiller Magazine – $100 to $500 per article

75. Revive Social Blog– $100 to $200 per article

76. Harvard Medical School  –  $200 per post

77. Write Naked – $50 per guest post

Tips on How to Write a Good Article for Content Writing Websites:

Now that you are aware of the websites that pay you to write articles, let us look at some of the best practices to write an engaging article that will get accepted in the first attempt itself.

Below are the 7 steps to writing a perfect article for websites that pay you for writing:

Step 1: Read the Guidelines

This is the most crucial step while writing an article for websites that pay you to write.

Almost all of these websites have a set of rules including the do’s and the dont’s while submitting a piece of written content on their respective website.

Make sure to read these guidelines thoroughly and adhere to them while creating your article. This will save you both your time and effort.

Step 2: Research the Topic

Whatever you choose to write, ensure that you have done adequate research on that topic. The website that you are writing for may reject your article if the facts are not in place.

All of these websites want their readers to get true information and hence, it’s crucial for them to cross-check your article in terms of being relevant.

Step 3: Create an outline

This is another powerful way to structure your article correctly. Having an outline defines the flow of the article. The general outline will include an eye-catching introduction, followed by a few headings and sub-headings, and a final conclusion.

Ensure to include bright and colorful images wherever necessary, this makes the article interesting and good-looking.

Step 4: Use keywords

No matter what your niche is, it’s important to use the correct keywords to get traffic to your article. The websites that you are writing for also want you to use high-volume keywords that bring them traffic.

You can use free tools like google keyword planner for researching the relevant keywords in your niche.

Step 5: Use simple language

Using a simple language that is understood by the reader is far more important than using fancy lingo. The idea of the article is to provide information to its readers and not make it look like a complicated piece of art.

So, it’s best to stay simple here, choose sentences that are short and avoid filler words.

Frequently Asked Questions on Websites that Pay You to Write

  1. Can I get paid for writing articles?

    Whether you’re a skillful freelance writer or a beginner with no experience, anyone can make money from writing articles. It is a trendy job today, and people do it full-time or occasionally. 

  2. How do I get paid for writing articles on my website?

    You cannot directly get paid for writing articles on your own website but you can earn money by including affiliate links in your articles. Another way of earning money through your articles is by activating AdSense on your blog. The more views your article gets, the more chances of your Adsense earning.

  3. Where can I write articles and earn money?

    Some options for such International sites are:

    1. Fiverr
    2. Upwork
    3. PeoplePerHour
    4. Freeup
    5. WorknHire
    6. Problogger
    7. Freelancer
    8. Freelance Writing

  4. How do I submit an article and get paid?

    To get paid for your article, simply follow the below steps:

    1. Select a website that pays you for writing articles in your niche
    2. Register and create an account on that website.
    3. Fill in your pay pal account details
    4. Read through their rules and guidelines for writing an article
    5. Submit your article on the website
    6. If your article needs revision, you will be contacted by the website
    7. If approved, you will get paid directly in your account

  5. How do I sell my writing?

    Following are the methods you can make money with content writing

    1. Write Guest posts on High-Paying Publications and Magazines.
    2. Become a Copywriter.
    3. Do Freelance Content Writing for Businesses.
    4. Ghostwrite Stories.
    5. Get Paid to Write on Medium.
    6. Self-Publish on Kindle.
    7. Blog and Make Money through Affiliate Marketing.
    8. Find Paid Writing Internships.

Final Thoughts on Websites That Pay You to Write

So, you see, there are so many websites that pay you to write articles. Make sure you read all the rules and guidelines thoroughly before you start writing, this will save to a lot of time and effort.

If done correctly, these content writing websites can make you a good amount of income every month. You won’t have to hunt for content writing jobs, adhere to deadlines or work for tough clients.

Take advantage of these websites for content writing and start making money online from the comfort of your home.

Happy writing!

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