Google’s new helpful content update targets sites creating content for search engines first

Google  will soon rollout a change to its search ranking algorithm that may prove to be one of the most significant changes in over a decade.

Google is about to launch a new and large search algorithm update, called the helpful content update.

The helpful content update will target websites that have a relatively high amount of unsatisfying or unhelpful content, where the content has been written for search engines rather than humans.

What is Google’s helpful content update?

The purpose of this algorithm update is to help searchers find “high-quality content,” Google told us. Google wants to reward better and more useful content that was written for humans and to help users

Content written for the purpose of ranking in search engines – what you might call “search engine-first content” or “SEO content,” has been frequently written about lately and discussed across social media.

In short, searchers are getting frustrated when they land on unhelpful webpages that rank well in search because they were designed to rank well.

Google’s new algorithm aims to downgrade those types of websites while promoting more helpful websites, designed for humans, above search engines.

What types of content will the helpful content update impact?

While these algorithms do not specifically target any specific niche, Google said these types of content may be impacted the most: – Online educational materials. – Arts and entertainment. – Shopping. – Tech-related.

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