Top 50 Freelance Writing Job Websites That Can Make You $1000 Per Month

Are you an online freelance writer looking for freelance writing job websites? You have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you a list of 50+ freelance writing job websites that can make you up to $1000 with every job you take up.

Most of these content writing websites are free to join, whereas a few require you to pay a monthly membership. Paid websites will have less competition and better job opportunities than free websites. 

However, you can start with the free writing job websites if you are low on budget and gradually switch to paid membership websites once you start earning

Below are the Top 50 Freelance Writing Job Websites

freelance writing job websites
  1. Writing Creek
  2. Writerbay
  3. Nerdy Turtelz
  4. I writer
  5. Contena
  6. Pepper Content
  7. Witty Pen
  8. Text Mercato
  9. Text Broker
  10. Hire writers
  11. Freelance
  12. Content Writing
  13. The Writer Finder
  14. Copypress
  15. Flex Jobs
  16. Clear Voice
  17. Contently
  18. Skyword
  19. Constant Content
  20. Online writing jobs
  21. Pro Blogger
  22. Blogging Pro
  23. Freelance Writing Jobs
  24. Guru
  26. Freelance Writers Den
  27. Writers Work
  28. Upwork
  29. Fiverr
  30. Craigslist
  31. People Per Hour
  32. Free Up
  33. Crowd Content
  34. Outsourcely
  35. Panda Copy
  36. Content Refined
  37. Writer Access
  38. Solid Gigs
  39. Working in Content
  40. Behance 
  41. Media Bistro
  42. Who Pays Writers?
  44. All Freelance Writing
  45. My Writing Master
  46. We Work Remotely
  47. Toptal
  48. Scripted
  50. LinkedIn

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

You can find freelance writing jobs by following the below step-by-step guide:

1. Through Family and Friends

The easiest way to jump-start your freelance writing journey is to ask your friends and family.

In this digital world, we all have friends and family that have their businesses growing online, so why not take up this opportunity and write for them? Since you are just starting out, you can offer them your services for free or for a minimal fee. This way you can grow your clientele which will give you an added advantage to get higher-paying clients later. 

Once you work for your friends and family, you can then ask them to spread the word in their community and workplace to get you more projects.

 as well. 

2. Through Freelance Writing Job Websites

There are plenty of freelance writing job websites that offer writing job opportunities. Some of the websites are free to join whereas a few are paid websites.

The most popular freelance writing job websites are:

  • Fivver
  • Upwork
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogging Pro

3. Through Cold Email Pitching

No matter how old this technique is, it never gets out of fashion. Cold email pitching is a powerful way to interact with your potential clients on one on one basis.

You can simply observe any website content in your writing niche and note down the pointers where it needs improvisation.

The next step is to connect with the client via email and let them know how you can help improvise the current content on their website (don’t be rude here, or else this can backfire). Just let them know a few tips that can help them rank on Google. This is sure to get their attention since you are offering help to grow and improve their brand.

Even if you don’t find any shortcomings, that’s fine too, just say that you are willing to assist in content marketing and you share the passion for that niche.

You may need to make a lot of cold pitches initially and chances are you may not even hear back from most of them, but that’s okay. You don’t even need all of them to say yes either.

Even if you manage to get one or two clients in a month, this should be enough to keep you busy throughout. Remember you need quality clients and not quantity!

4. Through Content Marketing Agencies

You can use this same technique to pitch digital agencies as well. They are always on the lookout for quality writers to work for their clients. Simply google the list of digital agencies in your country and then connect with them via an email pitching your services.

Remember to keep your email brief and to the point, nobody likes reading a thesis on a hectic work day.

5. Through Social Media Platforms

There are plenty of clients that are on a hunt for good content writers for their respective brands on social media.

Make sure to follow your niche brands on these platforms, and interact with them via post comments and messages.

Join all the relevant groups on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, there are regular job postings in these groups. Make sure to choose genuine job offers only. Do a thorough background check before starting work on any project.

Once you complete a couple of projects, chances are that brands and clients will approach you upfront for hiring your services. This will not happen immediately but if you continue to stay active, this process of clients approaching you will become a common practice. And this is what you should be aiming for!

Frequently Asked Questions on Freelance Writing Websites

  1. Which freelance writing website is best?

    Some of the best freelance writing websites are:
    1. Contena
    2. ProBlogger
    3. People Per Hour
    4. Upwork
    5. Fiverr
    6. Guru
    7. Craigslist
    8. FlexJobs

  2. Which website is best for freelancing for beginners?

    Following are some of the best sites to start freelancing for beginners:
    1. Toptal
    2. Upwork
    3. Freelancer
    4. Fiverr
    5. Guru
    6. Servicescape
    7. PeoplePerHour

  3. What are the highest paying freelance writing jobs?

    The highest paid freelance writing jobs are:

    1. Article writing jobs
    2. White paper writing jobs
    3. Academic writing jobs
    4. SOP writing jobs
    5. Medical writing jobs
    6. SEO writing jobs

  4. How do freelance writers get paid?

    Freelance writers get paid in multiple ways.

    1. By taking up freelance writing jobs posted by clients and companies,
    2. By submitting paid guest posts on various blogs.
    3. By promoting affiliate products through their own written content.
    4. By starting a blog and monetizing it in multiple ways

  5. What type of writers are in demand?

    Major Types of Freelance Writers that are in demand are:
    1. Article/Feature writers
    2. Copy/Content writers
    3. Blog writers
    4. Social media content writers
    5. Academic writers

Final Thoughts on Freelance Writing Job Websites.

So, above is the list of the top 50 freelance writing job websites that you can look at for your writing projects. Sometimes, you can enroll with multiple websites to get maximum writing job opportunities. 

But if you find creating an account on multiple platforms overwhelming, then you can start with any one website and come back later to this article to see which website you can try next from the list above. 

Just believe in yourself and be consistent in your pitching. Once you get your first few clients, you will have plenty of assignments to show to your next clients, and acquiring new clients will be easier.

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