An Honest Rank Math SEO Review: Is Rank Math Better than Yoast? 

Looking for a Rank Math SEO review that is truthful? Your search has ended.

There are two widely used plugins that get the most attention when it comes to WordPress optimization.

  1. The Yoast SEO plugin
  2. AIO (All in One SEO) plugin

They both have millions of downloads globally and offer a tonne of fantastic features.

It was in November 2018, when a new SEO plugin was introduced and has been taking the market by storm.

We’ll introduce you to the Rank Math plugin for SEO.

MyThemeShop created the WordPress SEO Plugin Rank Math. MyThemeShop is a well-known marketplace for premium WordPress themes and plugins, so if you’ve been blogging for a long, you may already be familiar with it.

Due to its amazing capabilities, the RankMath plugin gained a lot of attention in the blogosphere right away.

Yes, the Yoast SEO plugin continues to be the most downloaded SEO plugin in WordPress history, but RankMath is swiftly gaining popularity and receiving excellent user evaluations.

All of a sudden, everyone began utilizing this fantastic plugin, from newbie bloggers to established bloggers like Matthew Woodward and Adam Connell.

rank math review

That now leaves us in doubt: which one should we select? Which SEO plugin—RankMath, Yoast SEO, or All in One SEO—should you choose? Let’s investigate.

Let’s discuss the following in this RankMath evaluation:

  1. The best characteristics of this incredible plugin
  2. Best features of the RankMath SEO plugin
  3. What makes RankMath Pro superior to the FREE version?
  4. Pros and Cons of RankMath
  5. And a few other crucial aspects of the plugin

Are you interested in learning more about this fantastic SEO plugin? Let’s get to the specifics.

Rank Math Review: Is It the Best Plugin for WordPress SEO?

Rank Math SEO Plugin Features List

RankMath offers you a plethora of features including;

  • 1 Click Import from Yoast SEO plugin
  • 1 Click Import from All in One SEO plugin
  • Offers XML sitemaps
  • Offers redirection of all sorts
  • Offers rich snippets
  • LSI keyword tool is integrated (which helps you find LSI keywords to better optimize your blog posts)
  • Automated image SEO (which helps you automatically optimize your images that don’t have ALT tags already)
  • Blog post preview on Google
  • You can optimize up to 5 keywords
  • Choose Pillar Posts & Pages (which helps you with better rankings and SILO structure)
  • Offers you internal linking suggestions
  • You can no-follow all external image links
  • You can no-follow all external links (you can also open external links in new tabs)
  • Gives you access to .htaccess Editor
  • Gives you access to robots.txt Editor
  • Offers you 404 monitor (to identify and fix your 404 pages in real-time)

Top Benefits of Using RankMath WordPress SEO Plugin

What makes Rank Math such a potent SEO plugin then? Why is the RankMath SEO plugin being used by virtually every blogger? Here are a few of the most important ones (read benefits).

  • It performs real-time on-site SEO analysis.
  • The ability to analyze your website’s SEO is one of Rank Math’s special capabilities.
  • Simply select the SEO Analysis tab under Rank Math settings after installing the plugin to begin.

This plugin will automatically start analyzing your website once you click on the “Start Site-Wide Analysis” button. Once the analysis is done, it shows an SEO score (which is out of 100).

Here’s what it looks like;

As you can see in the screenshot above, it displays three tests along with the percentage of passed, warned, and failed tests. Fixing “Failed Tests” should be your main focus because they can negatively affect your search rankings.

In order to assist you in completely optimizing your site, Rank Math will examine your website and its content using more than 70 different tests.

Regular site audits, such as SEO analysis of your website, can help you identify and resolve website problems, hence raising your overall search rankings.

1. Improve up to five keywords.

The fact that RankMath allows you to optimize your content for up to 5 keywords is one of the main reasons why the majority of bloggers are switching from Yoast to Rank Math.

You can only optimize for one keyword with Yoast (with their premium version, you can optimize for multiple keywords though).

The days of optimizing your blog content for just one keyword are long gone. In order to properly optimize your content, you must target a variety of keywords. This is where the feature is useful.

In fact, by applying the following filter, you can optimize for an infinite number of keywords.

As you can see above, you can easily increase or decrease the maximum number of emphasis keywords that can be included in a single post by simply changing the number 10 to any other number.

Follow the placements of your keywords in the search results

The Google Search Console (GSC) integration of RankMath is outstanding. Almost everything is accessible from your plugin dashboard after your GSC account is linked to RankMath.

In fact, you’ll find a tonne of information there, such as

  • Each of the search terms that your website ranks for
  • Total clicks your website receives for each of those keywords
  • Typical CTR (Click-through-rate)
  • Where your website appears in the search results for certain keywords

Here is how it appears;

This implies that it will be simple for you to monitor your current keyword positions. Another fantastic feature called “Keyword Tracker” will soon be available to assist you to keep track of where your website stands for the keywords you select.

2. Rich Snippets don’t require any third-party plugins.

One of the finest methods for making your website stand out from the competition is to use Schema Markup, sometimes referred to as Rich Snippets.

Here is what the schema markup looks like when it is implemented (there are other sorts of schema);

Fortunately, if you use the RankMath plugin, you don’t need to install or rely on any additional plugins or tools to integrate schema markup on your website. Why? because it provides you with the option to create 14 different types of Schema Markup.

It’s simple to optimize material for rich snippets and local SEO to improve search engine comprehension. No matter if you operate a blog, a WooCommerce store, or a review website, you can quickly integrate Schema Markup using the RankMath plugin (aka Rich Snippets).

3. Redirection supervisor

The majority of SEO plugins, including the Yoast SEO plugin’s free edition, don’t have redirection as standard functionality. However, this is not the case with RankMath because it provides a sophisticated redirection manager.

You can pick several redirection types including;

  • 301 permanent move
  • 302 temporary move
  • 307 temporary redirects
  • 410 content deleted
  • 451 content unavailable etc

Apart from the redirection manager, you can also edit the two most important files on your site which are;

  • .htaccess Editor (you can easily edit and modify your .htaccess file right from your WP dashboard and Rank Math automatically backs up your .htaccess file before saving any changes to avoid accidental issues)
  • robots.txt Editor (you can easily create and update your robots.txt file right from your WordPress dashboard)

4. Social media integration

Although social networking can be a quick approach to increasing traffic, SEO is still effective, as we all know. You need to make engaging and distinctive images, title tags, and other content to make the most of social media.

Fortunately, RankMath’s Social Tab, which can be found in the Meta Box, provides social media connectivity.

Here is how it appears;

As you can see above, RankMath presently provides social previews for Facebook and Twitter, two of the most widely used social networks.

When posting on Facebook and Twitter, you may easily use these two networks’ Open Graph features to offer unique post titles, descriptions, and images.

5. Provides LSI keyword recommendations.

Did you know that while utilizing RankMath, you can get automated LSI keyword ideas around your main keyword?

As you can see, RankMath begins automatically recommending pertinent LSI keywords so you may improve your content for higher ranks (without keyword stuffing).

Utilizing LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Keywords) might improve your search traffic whether you realize it or not. In actuality, one page might rank for numerous keywords (if you use LSI keywords).

As a result, RankMath can assist you to increase your organic traffic if you’re aiming to do so with LSI keywords. You only need to connect your Rank Math account to Google to receive an endless supply of keyword recommendations.

6. Offers a modular framework

RankMath offers a modular foundation, in contrast to the majority of other SEO plugins (including Yoast SEO). This implies that you can disable the remaining modules you don’t need and utilize only the ones you require.

As you can see above, RankMath offers a huge selection of modules. Which module you use and which one you set aside is up to you. You may therefore disable or enable modules whenever you like and have total control over your website.

Yoast SEO vs RankMath SEO: What’s the Difference?

Look at the following example before we go into the differences between Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

As you can see above, RankMath makes fewer PHP requests and requires less coding (hence it offers more speed than Yoast SEO).

Therefore, choosing RankMath over Yoast is a no-brainer if you’re searching for a lightweight plugin to install on your WordPress websites.

The main distinction between them, besides speed, is in their features. You get everything that Yoast SEO delivers in its premium edition for free with RankMath. Isn’t it incredible?

The following are some salient characteristics of the Yoast SEO and RankMath SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO vs. Rank Math Keyword Optimization: Yoast allows you to optimize for a single focus keyword, but its premium version also enables you to optimize for other keywords. You can optimize for up to 5 keywords using RankMath.

Who Wins? Clearly Rank Math!

Yoast SEO vs. Rank Math Content Analysis: Yoast SEO content analysis just shows you whether your posts are optimized well or poorly. However, RankMath provides an SEO score out of 100. Actually, a score of 80 or more is considered good!

Winner? RankMath again!

So the overall winner? It’s clearly RankMath for now.

Rank Math Pro: Why Go PRO? Rank Math Free vs Pro Benefits

Just a little reminder: If you’d want to try out the Rank Math PRO, you may do so for free on their demo page.

A paid version of Rank Math called Rank Math Pro is also available for $59 a year and comes with a MASSIVE list of amazing features that assist you in improving the SEO of your WordPress website.

Here are a few of the main benefits of choosing Rank Math Pro over the free version.

1. Integrated Google Analytics

You can examine your search traffic without leaving your WordPress dashboard thanks to Rank Math Pro’s built-in, robust Google Analytics.

The integrated metrics look like this;

As you can see from the example above, Rank Math Pro provides a list of all the posts with good, fair, and poor ratings.

Additionally, it will display a list of posts with their titles, SEO rankings, schema, links, and traffic so you can always work to raise their rankings.

2. Track up to 1000 keywords

You can track 500 keywords with the PRO plan (1,000 during the launch deal), and you can track 10,000 keywords with the Business plan (20,000 during the launch offer).

Send them an email at [email protected] if you want to track more keywords, and they will design a special plan for you depending on the requirements of your website.

The Rank Tracker looks like this:

You can also add more keywords and the rank tracker will show you;

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Position etc

3. Advanced Schema Generator

As everyone is aware, Google began displaying more “rich snippets” (also known as schema) in the search results. Thus, adding schema to your blogs, job postings, reviews, recipes, local business entries, and other content becomes crucial.

Fortunately, Rank Math Pro comes with an integrated schema, so you can incorporate schema markup into your website without having to install any additional plugins.

The types of schema markups that it supports are listed below.

  • Article Schema
  • Book Schema
  • Course Schema
  • Event Schema
  • Job Posting Schema
  • Local Business Schema
  • Music Schema
  • Person Schema
  • Product Schema
  • Recipe Schema
  • Restaurant Schema
  • Review Schema
  • Service Schema
  • Software/App Schema
  • Video Schema
  • FAQ Schema
  • HowTo Schema

Here’s what it looks like;

You can choose your desired schema type from options like articles, FAQs, courses, and more, as you can see above.

4. Image SEO

You can use Rank Math to automatically add ALT and title tags to your photographs, did you know that? Yes, this plugin will be very helpful to you if you’re wanting to optimize your images for search engines.

Using this plugin, you can automatically add alt tags to any existing blog entries that include images but no alt text.

As you can see above, all you need to do to have the plugin automatically add alt attributes for photos without alt tags is enable the image SEO feature. Similar to that, you can enable the functionality known as missing title attributions to add titles to any image that doesn’t already have one.

You can see the Images functionality and make changes thereafter you enable the settings by going to Rank Math > General Settings.

Here is how it appears;

As you can see from the example above, once you enable the option, you can automatically add ALT attributes for photos that don’t already have them.

When the material is displayed, the picture characteristics are dynamically added; the saved content is left alone. You may do the same for photos by adding any missing Title and Caption properties.

5. 404 Monitor

We are all aware of how challenging it may be to locate and monitor 404 links on your website. The benefit of using Rank Math Pro is that it provides you with access to a straightforward and efficient 404 monitor that discovers all of your site’s broken links.

Rank Math Pro’s 404 monitor makes it simple to swiftly correct 404 error pages.

A 404 error shows up when you attempt to access a page that doesn’t exist. Because they might provide website visitors with a negative experience, 404 errors are detrimental to your website’s SEO.

In essence, the 404 monitor has two modes.

  • The simple mode only captures 404 errors
  • The advanced mode captures everything including the error page, referring page including the user agent

You can not only resolve those 404 issues by keeping a frequent eye on RankMath’s 404 monitor, but you can also improve the user experience for visitors to your website.

The 404 Monitor appears as follows:

As you can see from the screenshot above, Rank Math’s 404 Monitor maintains track of all of your broken links and gives you the option to export the information or delete 404 links in bulk.

Additionally, you can quickly and easily redirect all of those 404 links with just a few clicks using their Redirection Manager.

Rank Math Pricing Plans

The two price packages for Rank Math Pro are mentioned below.

  1. Pro: This plan, which costs just $59 a year and allows you to install their Pro edition on an infinite number of personal websites, is ideal for bloggers and solopreneurs (not on client websites).
  • countless individual websites
  • 1,000 Keywords to Watch
  • Schema Generator, powerful
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • 3 days are the Google Data Fetch Frequency.

  1. Business: This plan, which costs $199 per year and includes support for up to 200 client websites, is for you if you wish to use the Rank Math Pro edition even on your client websites.
  • assistance with client websites
  • 20,000 Keywords to Track
  • Schema Generator, powerful
  • 24/7 Priority Assistance
  • 3 days are the Google Data Fetch Frequency.

Note: Rank Math Pro has a 30-day refund guarantee. Therefore, if you don’t like the features of their premium edition, you may email them at [email protected] and they’ll return your entire payment with no questions asked.

Rank Math Settings

Just a quick note: Their official site already has a fantastic explanation on configuring the Rank Math SEO plugin, so we won’t go into further detail here. Therefore, we’ll discuss the fundamental (yet crucial) steps you must take after installing the plugin.

All of your SEO settings can be imported into RankMath if you already use a plugin for optimization like Yoast SEO. This implies that you don’t need to manually complete the optimization process for each of your blog entries or web pages.

The good news is that Rank Math will instantly recognize the SEO plugin you are presently using and will make it simple for you to select which settings to import.

For instance, this is how the import part appears if you are already using Yoast SEO;

As you can see above, you can import everything from;

  • Settings
  • Term meta
  • Post meta
  • Redirections
  • Author meta

Once it’s done, you need to implement a couple of things which include;

  • Selecting your site (personal blog, e-commerce store etc)
  • Connect your site with the Google search console
  • Sitemaps

If you’ve previously utilized Yoast SEO or another SEO optimization plugin on WordPress sites, all the processes stated above will be simple for you.

Here are a few simple optimization settings that you can implement on RankMath for better rankings.

  • Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives
  • Nofollow Image File Links
  • Nofollow External Links (you can enable it if you don’t want to pass any link juice to external sites)
  • Open External Links New Tab/Window (this option is what we recommend and we’re following the same method for a long time at Bloggers Passion)
  • Strip Category Base (enable it)

Once the above things are done, click the “Save and Continue” button to finish the process.

Here’s what it looks like;

That’s it, you’re done.

At the post level, here’s what the Rank Math SEO settings look like;

As you can see above, there are multiple things you’ll notice including;

  • our blog post preview (where you can add or edit your title including meta description)
  • Focus keywords (you can target multiple focus keywords for a single post)
  • Basic SEO suggestions (it suggests where to insert keywords for better optimization)
  • Optimization score (it also gives you a score so you can easily find out how well your page is optimized for your focus keywords)

You can also add unique previews for social media. Using it, you can easily customize your title, description, and images while sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Pros & Cons of Rank Math

If we don’t discuss the advantages and disadvantages, this Rank Math SEO review won’t be complete. Here are some noteworthy Rank Math SEO Plugin benefits and drawbacks.


  • Due to its intuitive style, which enables you to use the plugin almost right away, it is really simple to use.
    From other SEO plugins like Yoast, AIO plugin, and others, you can easily import settings
    also provides a free version
  • Enables you to integrate Google Search Console, which will assist you with everything from crawling issues to keyword tracking.
  • It is a small plugin that has no bearing on the speed of your website.
  • provides rich bits (so no extra plugin needed)
  • The Facebook group has a fantastic community, and its website provides 24/7 customer service.
  • provides a module for redirecting
  • allows for the optimization of up to 5 keywords
  • It works with nearly all of the WordPress themes.
  • automatically creates alt tags when an image is missing
  • helpful support because they also have a forum specifically for it


Other WordPress SEO plugins do NOT support import from RankMath as of now (so if you want to move from RankMath to any other SEO plugin after using it for a while, you’ll face difficulties)

FAQs About Rank Math SEO Plugin

Here are some of the most interesting and frequently asked questions around the #1 optimization plugin i.e RankMath.

Do I have to remove other WordPress SEO plugins if I install Rank Math?

You should, indeed. It’s usually best to deactivate any other WordPress SEO plugins you may be using, such as Yoast, AIO, etc. In fact, it only takes one click to transfer your current data from the Yoast or AIO plugins.

What’s the difference between Rank Math free vs Rank Math Pro?

If you want to optimize your blog entries for specific keywords, the free edition of Rank Math is fantastic. However, if you want more advanced redirection modules, image SEO, rank tracking, 404 monitor, and other capabilities, you need to upgrade to their Pro edition, which costs just $59 per year.

What’s the difference between Rank Math Pro Vs Rank Math Business?

In contrast to the Rank Math Business plan, which you can install on client websites, Rank Math Pro allows you to use an unlimited number of personal websites. Additionally, Rank Math Business offers help for up to 200 customer websites.
To put it simply, Rank Math Business is a terrific option for agencies and developers while Rank Math Pro is for bloggers who are managing many blogs.

Can I try Rank Math for free?

Yes, Rank Math provides a free edition that is sufficient for the majority of new users who want to optimize their content. However, if you want more sophisticated capabilities, like keyword rank tracking, their premium plans are excellent.

RankMath vs Yoast SEO: Which is better?

Since it provides practically all of the features you require for on-page SEO, Rank Math is superior. Yoast’s premium edition does not include the wonderful features included in Rank Math Pro, such as the 404 monitor and sophisticated Analytics. Rank Math obviously outranks the Yoast plugin, whether it is free or purchased.

Is it easy to migrate to Rank Math from other plugins?

Yes, it’s quite simple. After you install the Rank Math plugin, it will immediately recognize the SEO plugin you’re using and allow you to quickly and efficiently import all of your SEO settings from various SEO plugins with the press of a button.

What if I need any help with the Rank Math plugin?

→ Detailed documentation of Rank Math where you can find a ton of in-depth articles on using Rank Math (from installation to set up, fixing issues, etc)
→ Knowledge Base Articles (where you can find helpful tutorials around the plugin)
→ Rank Math Forum (a useful forum where you can ask questions about anything related to the plugin)
→ Facebook group (it’s a responsive FB group where you can ask SEO queries or plugin-related stuff)

Final Thoughts on Rank Math SEO Review

No matter your level of SEO expertise or blogging experience, Rank Math can unquestionably assist you in improving your optimization.

On, I have so far tested a large number of optimization plugins, but Rank Math is by far the BEST SEO plugin for WordPress users.

What kind of SEO plugin do you currently use? Do you still have any queries regarding the RankMath plugin? Post your comments to let us know what you think.

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