Top 100+ High-Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs For Every Niche That Can Make You Money From Day One.

So, you have decided to earn money online through recurring affiliate programs but don’t know which ones to opt for? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best high-paying recurring affiliate programs in every niche that you can promote and earn a fortune for yourself.

There is no doubt that affiliate programs are one of the best and easiest forms to earn money on the internet.

In today’s digital world, every business big or small has an online presence and offers an affiliate program to grow its sales and reach.

So, why not take advantage of this and make money by simply promoting products that you don’t have to make or manage yourself.

Before I reveal the list of top high-paying recurring affiliate programs in every niche, let’s first understand a few basic concepts.

What Is a Recurring Affiliate Program?

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Affiliate marketing

Recurring affiliate programs let you keep receiving payments as long as your referrals turn orders into actual purchases by sending money. It indicates that these schemes give you a commission on every transaction made by your referrals, not just the initial one.

The Pros and Cons of Recurring Affiliate Programs


  • High income if the right niche is selected
  • Low-cost investment
  • No prior experience or qualification is required
  • Convenience and flexibility of time
  • You don’t have to get into after-sales management
  • Most companies provide marketing tools like banners, creatives, offers, etc to promote their products.
  • It can become a high passive income


  • You cannot control the affiliate programs and the products
  • There is high competition in this field
  • It’s not a reliable source of income
  • It is time-consuming and the income is not generated immediately

Below is the list of the top high-paying recurring affiliate programs in every niche.

recurring affiliate programs

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Beauty Niche

These affiliate programs include links for skincare, haircare, bath, and body products.

  • doTERRA—20% recurring commission.
  • Jade Bloom—up to 10% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Education Niche

recurring education affiliate program

These affiliate programs offer materials to support children’s remote learning and homeschooling.

Teachers and parents now have more options to work online, and by subscribing, they can access a library of educational resources to make their own lesson plans.

  • SchoolhouseTeachers—25% recurring commission.
  • Our Journey Westward—25% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Travel Niche

recurring travel affiliate program

This affiliate program rewards you with recurring income if you write about exotic locations off the beaten path.

  • Villiers—30% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Real Estate Niche

recurring real estate affiliate program

Another popular investment option is real estate. These recurring affiliate programs help investors find distressed assets more quickly through curated marketplaces.

  • BirdDogBot—50% recurring.
  • DealCheck—30% recurring.
  • ForeclosureSearch—up to 95% recurring commission (for properties in Canada only).

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Food Niche

recurring food affiliate program

The health and fitness industry is increasingly popular nowadays, as people look for ways to be healthier. The affiliate programs for recurring commissions teach people how to live healthier lifestyles in the kitchen.

  • Learn Cake Decorating Online—up to 50% recurring commission.
  • Plan to Eat—20% recurring commission.
  • Smart Kitchen—30% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Fundraising Niche

recurring fund raising affiliate program

The two programs listed below are helpful for fundraising campaigns used by politicians, nonprofits, and religious organizations.

  • Krowdster—20% recurring commission.
  • Donorbox—15% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Health Supplements

recurring health affiliate program

As users will be filling up their supplements once their stock runs out, affiliate networks for supplements are a terrific method to generate recurring revenue from loyal clients.

  • Organifi—30% recurring commission.
  • The BeneFIT Box—up to $9 per sale, up to $5 per signup on gold/platinum/diamond plans.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Finance Niche

recurring finance affiliate program

When you blog about more conventional investment trading, like stock trading, you may be able to earn high-paying commissions from each transaction made by a dependable client.

Some products help users manage finances or bookkeeping.

  • LiveTrader—30% recurring commission.
  • HoneyMoney—$3 each month for five months if you refer to the monthly plan/$15 per sale of the annual plan.
  • Invoice Ninja—50% recurring commission.
  • Libertex Affiliates—5% recurring commission.
  • Forex Trendy—75% recurring commission.
  • PrimeXBT—20% of fees lifetime.
  • Binance—20% trading fees, up to 40%.
  • Ledger—15% of transactions.
  • Covesting—up to 40%.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Cryptocurrency Niche

recurring crypto currency affiliate program

People are searching for new ways to invest in cryptocurrencies and popular altcoins in the hopes of discovering the next big thing, as they are becoming an increasingly profitable investment asset.

Affiliate programs include a combination of wallets and trading platforms.

  • EXMO—up to 40% recurring commission.
  • Coindirect—20% recurring commission.
  • Paxful—up to 50% recurring commission.
  • CoinMama—15% recurring commission.
  • Changelly—50% recurring commission.
  • KuCoin—up to 20% recurring commission.
  • CryptoTrader.Tax—25% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Project Management Niche

recurring project management affiliate program

The management of a remote team with members in several time zones can be challenging. These project management systems encourage teamwork by centralizing all of the team’s projects.

  • GanttPRO—50% for the first purchase, 20% recurring commission.
  •—25% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Making Money Online Niche

recurring money making niche affiliate program

Do you write about generating additional income or launching successful side businesses? By promoting a recurring affiliate program and sharing what you have discovered about how to generate money, you can increase your income by teaching others how to make money online.

  • InboxDollars—30% recurring commission.
  • Food Blogger Pro—up to 40% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Podcasts Niche

recurring podcast affiliate program

Another method to provide value to your audience by delving deeper into particular topics is by starting a podcast. You can create various series, each of which would concentrate on a different subject.

  • Transistor Podcast Hosting—25% recurring commission.
  • Buzzsprout—20% lifetime recurring commission, or $25 for each paid referral.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Sports Niche

recurring sports affiliate program

In a more niche category, people with an interest in fantasy sports always look to gain a competitive edge in the market.

  • DraftKings—up to 40% recurring commission.
  • WOFH—for fitness professionals who set up their own business, 25% recurring commission

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Program Management Niche

recurring program management affiliate program

Managing multiple affiliate programs can become extremely tiring and confusing especially if you have to keep logging into various dashboards and track the progress. To make life easier, there are a few software that can help you in managing all your affiliate programs from a single dashboard, try promoting them and earning commissions.

  • Tapfiliate—20% recurring commission.
  • OSI Affiliate Partner—20% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Advertising Niche

recurring advertising affiliate program

These types of affiliate programs connect advertisers with publishers. The software allows you to control your different ad campaigns.

  • Propeller Ads—5% referral revenue.
  • Voluum—20% recurring commissions.
  • ClickAdilla—5% recurring commissions.
  • RevenueHits—up to 10% recurring commissions.
  • Infolinks—10% recurring commissions.
  • Adcash—5% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Recruitment Niche

recurring recruitment affiliate program

Freelancing jobs are becoming more popular. If you have a blog sharing the benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle, this could be a good option for you.

  •—10% recurring commissions.
  • Fiverr—10% recurring commissions, $10 for 12 months for each lead.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Webinars Niche

recurring webinar affiliate program

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to showcase their skills while giving attendees useful information by hosting webinars.

It can also raise the profile of your company if you can get well-known people to speak on your webinars. Webinar hosting is made easier with webinar tools, allowing you to concentrate on the webinar content rather than worrying about the technology.

  • Demio—30% lifetime recurring.
  • Webinar Ninja—30% recurring commissions.
  • Easy Webinar—30% recurring commissions, 50% for up-sell conversions.
  • ClickMeeting—30% per sale.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Cloud Storage Niche

recurring cloud storage affiliate program

Cloud storage is an effective way to back up your business off-site in case something happens to your business.

  • pCloud—20% recurring commissions.
  • Backblaze—10% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Marketing Niche

recurring marketing affiliate program

This is a big one. Building an addressable audience is a powerful function of content marketing. Educating your target market on how to develop their professional or personal abilities can increase the likelihood that they will use your services or purchase your goods.

  • Repixel—up to 30% recurring commissions.
  • Sumo—30% recurring commissions.
  • Ninja Outreach—50% recurring commissions.
  • OptinGun—60% on signup, 10% recurring commissions.
  • Sales Handy—20% recurring commissions.
  • TubeBuddy—50% recurring commissions.
  • GetSiteControl—30% recurring commissions.
  • Brick & Mobile—20% recurring commissions.
  • ClickMagick—35% lifetime recurring.
  • Answer Base—50% for first month, 15% recurring commissions.
  • Improvely—50% for the first month, 10% recurring commissions.
  • Clicky—20% recurring commissions.
  • Convert Flow—30% recurring commissions.
  • Viral Loops—30% recurring commissions.
  • UpViral—50% for the first month, 30% recurring commissions.
  • Right Message—20% recurring commissions.
  • Deadline Funnel—33% recurring commissions.
  •—30% recurring commissions.
  • Mouseflow—10% recurring commissions.
  •—30% recurring commissions.
  • Customerly—30% recurring commissions.
  • Pabbly—50% for the first month, 15% recurring commissions.
  • PPC Protect—25% recurring commissions.
  • SalesHandy—20% recurring commissions.
  • Optmyzr—10% for the first month, 15% recurring commissions.
  • Supermetrics—20% recurring commissions.
  • URL Profiler—25% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Time Tracking Software Niche

recurring  affiliate program

For remote working teams, time-tracking software can be useful for improving productivity.

  • RescueTime—15% recurring commissions.
  • TimeDoctor—30% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Payment Processors Niche

recurring affiliate program

SaaS businesses or e-commerce businesses need payment processors to process credit card payments or other types of payments, such as PayPal.

  • National Processing—up to 70% recurring commissions.
  • Authorize.Net—30% recurring commissions.
  • Eclipse Merchant Services—20% recurring commissions.
  • Merchant Focus—20% recurring commissions.
  • AShop—$50 for each sale, 3% for all sales from recruited affiliates.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Online Courses Niche

recurring online courses affiliate program

Following the global shift to remote work, e-learning is popular now. There is now more information available than ever before in this expanding sector.

The abundance of courses accessible allows people to pick and choose what they want to learn at their own pace.

  • Teachable—30% recurring commissions.
  • Thinkific—20% recurring commissions.
  • Academy of Mine—10–20% recurring commissions.
  • LearnWorlds—25% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for SEO Niche

recurring affiliate program

This is an extremely hot selling niche not to mention it has the highest competition as well.

If you have solid organic search engine traffic, SEO is a potent inbound marketing channel that frees up affiliate businesses from having to do anything.

Simple SEO techniques can increase your website traffic and thus increase your sales.

Your website or storefront will receive more organic traffic if you use SEO tools to optimize your content.

  • SEMRush—40% recurring commissions.
  • SpyFu—40% recurring commissions.
  • SerpStat—up to 30% recurring commissions.
  • LongTailPro—30% recurring commissions.
  • SEOPressor—50% recurring commissions.
  • Linkody—30% recurring commissions.
  • Linkredible—up to 30% recurring commissions.
  • Mangools—$487 for each lead.
  • SEOClerks—10% lifetime.
  • Netpeak Software—30% recurring commissions.
  • FATJOE—10% recurring commissions.
  • Link-able—$500 per lead recurring.
  • ProRankTracker—20% recurring commissions.
  • AccuRanker—20% recurring commissions.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Design and Graphics Niche

recurring affiliate program

Graphics are being used more than ever before. You need graphics to promote your business on social media platforms, websites, and all other digital platforms.

Hence, it is a great idea to promote graphic-creating apps and earn money as your commission.

They’re usually web-based apps that come with a library of templates and fonts while guiding you on how to create assets that meet social media guidelines.

  • Design Pickle—15% recurring commissions.
  • PicMonkey—50% for initial purchase, 25% recurring commissions.
  • Snappa—30% recurring commissions.
  • Stencil-—30% recurring commissions.
  • Depositphotos—40% for initial purchase, 25% recurring commissions.
  • Designrr—50% recurring commissions.
  • Pic Monkey—30% recurring commissions, 15% for renewals/return.
  • Pixpa—50% per lead.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Social Media Management Niche

recurring affiliate program

In this digital world, one of the biggest channels to promote products, and generate traffic is through social media platforms.

And you need software and tools to run them conveniently.

Social media management plugins and tools help users schedule posts and provide analytics to see which types of posts convert the most.

Some of the best recurring affiliate programs in this niche are:

  • Crowdfire—35% recurring, up to $420 for each customer.
  • AgoraPulse—20% recurring commissions.
  • SocialPilot—30% recurring commissions.
  • SocialOomph—40% recurring commissions.
  • Tailwind—15% recurring commissions.
  • VidiQ—20% recurring commissions.
  • Opesta—40% recurring commissions, 5% recurring on sales that affiliates’ customers make.
  • Planable—20% recurring commissions.
  • Content Studio – 30% recurring commissions

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Chatbots Niche

recurring affiliate program

Chatbots are a similar customer support tool to live chat, with the exception that you don’t need to be there to assist clients. Online discussions are simulated by chatbots, and you can utilize tools to build a chatbot with your own scripts.

It might involve responding to frequently asked questions about a good or service or directing consumers to other sources of information. The best-known illustration is Facebook Messenger.

  • ChitChatChimp—50% first commission, 10% recurring after.
  •—–30% recurring commission, $50 for every 10 referrals.
  • Tars—30% recurring commission.
  • MobileMonkey—20% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Live Chat Niche

recurring affiliate program

Top-notch customer service can be a key component in attracting and retaining repeat consumers. Since 92 percent of clients are satisfied with live chat, having the feature on your website provides you an edge over competitors. Live chats make conversational marketing possible at any time of the day.

  • Provide Support—30% recurring commission.
  • JivoChat—30% recurring commission.
  • PureChat—up to 35% recurring commission.
  • LiveAgent—$5 signup, 20% recurring commission.
  • Chatrify—20% recurring commission.
  • Online Chat Centers—up to 50% first commission, 20% recurring after.
  • LiveChat—20% recurring commission.
  • Olark—up to 25% recurring commission.
  • Crisp—20% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for WordPress Niche

recurring affiliate program

One of the oldest and most well-liked CMS platforms used by affiliate marketers worldwide is still WordPress. It isn’t a flawless system that can be utilized by itself, though. Numerous services automate operations, optimize the front end and back end of a website, and enhance the look of a website using WordPress. These tools, which often need a yearly subscription, include themes and plug-ins.

This niche has a plethora of affiliate programs that you can choose to enroll in, some of the best programs are:

  • Thrive Themes—25% recurring commission.
  • Elegant Themes—50% recurring commission.
  • CSSIgniter Themes and Plugins—50% for each sale, plus renewal commissions.
  • Premium Coding Themes—up to 50% commission.
  • Access WP—10% recurring lifetime.
  • Zen WP—8% Lifetime commissions—$3,000 bonus for every 100th customer.
  • Memberium—10% lifetime.
  • MemberPress—25% recurring commission.
  • MemberMouse—20% recurring commission.
  • Superb themes—60% per sale.
  • Beaver Builder – 25% recurring commission

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Landing Pages Niche

recurring affiliate program

Some web businesses can make recurring revenue with just a limited number of pages, or even just one landing page. A simple opt-in with an email capture form might be all that some small businesses require.

An individual who flips internet enterprises will probably need to design numerous landing pages for their recently acquired assets, even while a business owner might only need to build one. Anyone can design a landing page using these simple tools without any coding experience.

  • LeadPages—30%, 14-day trial.
  • ClickFunnels—40% recurring commission.
  • Instapage—50% first payment, then 30% recurring commission.
  • Landingi—up to 35% recurring commission.
  • Ladingi—30% recurring commission, or 15% recurring commission and 15% commission to customers.
  • Kartra—40% recurring commission, 10% on sales generated by recruited affiliates.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for VPNs Niche

recurring affiliate program

To give you an idea of how useful VPNs are, over 31% of Internet users have VPNs. They can be used to access news and information if someone is in a geolocked area.

For online businesses, they can be useful to perform keyword research based on different locations.

  • PureVPN—35% recurring commission.
  • Hide My Ass—100% first month, then 30–35% recurring commission.
  • ZenMate—100% first month, then 30–35% recurring commission.
  • Nord VPN—100% first month, then 30% recurring commission.
  • TorGuard—30% recurring commission.
  • Zen Mate—100% first month, then 35% recurring commission.
  • IPVanish—100% first month, then 35% recurring commission.
  • Private Internet Access—33%, $2.29 per referral.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for E-Commerce Niche

recurring  affiliate program

With over 2.21 billion users worldwide, e-commerce is expanding quickly and is predicted to account for 18% of all retail sales in 2021. Due to the fact that eCommerce business sales have expanded year over year since 2018, many consumers are vying for a piece of this pie. We sold 114 e-commerce companies in 2020 alone.

If a person lacks programming knowledge, many affiliate programs allow them to build an online storefront and get started in e-commerce.

Although one of the most common company models we’ve seen bought and sold in our marketplace is Amazon FBA, any entrepreneur can set up their own storefront and begin selling things online with the aid of the e-commerce tools listed below.

  • Shopify—20% recurring commissions, or up to $2,000 per sale.
  • Samcart—40% recurring commission.
  • SendOwl—20% recurring commission.
  • Payhip—50% recurring commission.
  • Wholesale2b—30% recurring commission.
  • Shopio—25% recurring commission.
  • EasyStore—100% first month, 20% recurring commission.
  • Proof—30% recurring commission.
  • Market Hero—50% one-time commission.
  • Sellfy—25% recurring commission.
  • Dropified—30% recurring commission.
  • Debutify—40% recurring commission.
  • Eggflow—20% recurring commission.
  • Spocket—30% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Email Marketing Niche

recurring affiliate program

One of the most effective digital marketing strategies for generating visitors and sales with high conversion rates is email marketing. Some business owners have even built their entire company on an email list.

These tools, also known as email autoresponders, assist you in managing your emails so that you may nurture leads or send out regular newsletters. This category is simpler to market because the applications typically provide free trials, which reduce the commitment required from customers to sign up.

Since organizations typically stick with one email marketing tool after subscribing to a provider, the churn rate is minimal. Other aspects, such as whether they offer pop-up notifications, assistance with landing pages, and the kind of customer service offered, affect which tool to promote.

  • Aweber—Free 30-day trial, 30% monthly recurring commission.
  • Benchmark—25% recurring commission.
  • ConvertKit—14-day free trial, 30% monthly recurring commission.
  • GetResponse—Free 30-day trial, 33% monthly recurring commission.
  • MailerLite—30% monthly recurring commission, $120 payout threshold.
  • Sendlane—14-day free trial; 30% monthly recurring commission.
  • Sendloop—10% monthly recurring commission.
  • Automizy—40% recurring commissions.
  • Moosend—30% recurring commission.
  • MailTag—50% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for CRMs and Automation Niche

recurring affiliate program

Building deep relationships with clients is a business priority now more than ever. Lead nurturing may assist move prospects through your sales funnel with the correct sales prospecting and forecasting tools.

You may have come across a few well-known CRM programs like Hubspot and Salesforce.

You may handle prospective leads and past customers by managing all of your contacts in one location with the aid of the proper CRM software.

  • ActiveCampaign—20–30% recurring commission.
  • JotForm—30% monthly recurring commission.
  • ONTRAPORT—25% recurring commission.
  • ActiveTrail—5% monthly recurring commission.
  • Wishpond—30% recurring commission.
  • Builderall SEO—30% recurring payments.
  • Hubstaff—30% recurring commission.
  • Pipedrive —35% recurring commission.
  • Drip—30 recurring commissions recurring commission.
  • Active Trail—15% recurring commission.
  • amoCRM—35% recurring commission.
  • Capsule—20% recurring commission.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting Niche

recurring affiliate program

For the purpose of storing data on their servers, all organizations require a hosting service.

The web hosting industry is becoming increasingly competitive as more companies establish online presences in terms of price, quality, and customer support.

Because it takes so much work to transfer data to a new provider if someone already uses hosting, they are likely to be hesitant to switch.

Thank goodness, there are several hosting companies to pick from. Smaller companies may find that shared, private servers are a more cost-effective alternative to dedicated hosting services and more dependable than some of the more well-known brands.

  • Liquid Web—-Earn up to $1,500 per sale.
  • RoseHosting—50% commission the first month (with the potential to increase) and 10% recurring, plus bonuses.
  • Beyond Hosting—40% recurring commission.
  • JixHost—20% recurring commission.
  • Nestify—$50 sign-up bonus, undisclosed recurring commission.
  • VirMach—15% recurring commission on popular plans, 20% on gaming plans.
  • Kinsta WordPress Hosting—up to $500 initial payout plus 10% recurring commission.
  • Cloudways—up to $125 per sale or $30 + 7% commissions each month for the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Affiliate Programs

  1. What is the highest paying affiliate program?

    These are the top affiliate programs to join to earn money:

    1. Fiverr.
    2. SEMrush.
    3. GetResponse.
    4. ConvertKit.
    5. HubSpot.
    6. Hostinger.
    7. WP Engine.
    8. Weebly.

  2. Can you promote multiple affiliate programs?

    It is good to know that there are no restrictions on the number of affiliate programs you can join. Joining multiple programs mean you will be earning from multiple sources.

  3. How do I drive traffic to my affiliate links?

    Below are the tip methods to drive traffic to affiliate links

    1. Paid online advertising, advertising is the mainstay of lead generation.
    2. Make video content on YouTube.
    3. Post on Social media.
    4. Blog posts.
    5. Guest posting
    6. Email marketing
    7. Product reviews.
    8. Use Quora.

  4. Is affiliate marketing really profitable?

    Affiliate marketers have spread their wings a little and may be working on several programs at once and earning anywhere from $300 to $3000 per day. High level. Experienced and savvy, they may have built their own network and are earning more than $3000 per day

  5. Is affiliate marketing illegal?

    Affiliate marketing is a popular form of advertising, whereby people earn revenue from website visitors who click on an affiliate’s link and purchase a product. This method of advertising is legal as long as all links are clearly marked as such and no damage to the brand or company is done.

Final Thoughts on Recurring Affiliate Programs

Hope you have found the above list of the top high-paying recurring affiliate programs in every niche useful. This is the ultimate list and you can start promoting any of these programs to earn money online.

A systematic approach and a well-planned process are all you need to get started in affiliate marketing. If done properly affiliate marketing can become a high-paying passive income source that can make you money even while you sleep.

So, go ahead, choose a niche, create content and promote the products in that particular niche and start your affiliate marketing journey with a bang!

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