Top 20 Blog Submission Sites List With Domain Authority (DA) of 25+

Are you looking at blog submission sites with high domain authority? Your search ends here. In this article, I will show you a list of the Top 20 blog submission sites with domain authority (DA) of 25 and above.

So make sure to read the entire article to get the maximum benefit.

Every blogger wants more readers, links, and sales. However, the majority of people don’t make the necessary efforts to boost their SEO.

See, SEO is what enables you to obtain outcomes more quickly. Improved SEO can increase both your website’s traffic and, more crucially, its overall sales.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you may already be aware that quality links are the foundation of off-page SEO. Because they receive a lot of links from other websites, authority sites rank higher in Google even for the most competitive keywords.

And Google rewards websites with a high number of high-quality links with favorable results. I have fantastic news for you if you’re looking for tested strategies to swiftly get high-quality links for your blogs and broaden the exposure of your content.

I will list the top blog submission sites that will help you build both quality links and increase your blog’s exposure in 2022 and beyond.

But first, let’s know about a few basics.

What are Blog Submission Sites?

You can submit your blog and/or blog posts to blog directories or blog submission websites to increase visibility for your work and create backlinks to your websites.

Despite the fact that there are many blog submission websites, most of them are inactive or have low domain authority. Therefore, if you don’t want to get penalized by Google, it’s always best NOT to submit your blog to every blog directory under the sun.

I created this list of the top 21 blog submission sites since they have a high domain authority of over 30. As a result, you can submit your blogs to them with confidence and gain some free high-quality links.

blog submission websites with high authority

Do blog directories (or) blog submission sites still matter?

They do, indeed. The best strategy to expand the audience for your blog is still to submit it to blog submission platforms. And as I mentioned above, adding your blog or website to reputable blog directories might help you increase your link authority.

Why Should You Submit Your Blog to Blog Submission Sites?

Let me give you a few reasons if you’re still not sure why you should invest the time submitting your blogs to the best blog submission services I’m going to mention today. Here are some incredible advantages of using blog submission websites in 2022.

Backlinks: Whether you realize it or not, SEO is the foundation for any successful blog or online venture. Building high-quality links are the foundation of SEO. Without generating links, you CAN NOT rank better in Google search results. Websites that let you submit blogs can help you create useful links for nothing.

Exposure boost: Submitting a blog to these reputable blog directories can increase your visibility and traffic. Blog directories are used by thousands of bloggers to discover material online. As a result, if your blog is interesting to read, these blog submission sites will drive more visitors to it.

Increase DA: The Moz team uses domain authority as a statistic. It is an important indicator, and the higher DA a blog has, the better its search engine ranks will be. With the use of blog directories, you can gain high domain authority (DA) and high-quality backlinks.

Before learning about the top 21 blog submission sites, a short note: I wrote this article using the measure DA (Domain Authority). Additionally, I only added blog directories with DAs of 30 or higher so you can acquire some quality connections. Also keep in mind that most of the blog directories listed here are sparse, and only a small percentage of them are paid, meaning you must pay a little fee to submit your blog there.

Let’s now go into the specifics.

Top 20 Blog Submission Sites List With Domain Authority (DA) of 25+

Below are the top 20 blog submission sites listed with domain authority of 25 and above.

1. Alltop (DA  69)

Alltop was founded by Guy Kawasaki, a social media specialist, and top Internet marketer. One of the greatest blog submission platforms is Alltop, which can help you increase traffic to your websites and build high-quality backlinks.

From technology to marketing to fitness to real estate, Alltop covers every specialized area. No matter what niche you are in, you may quickly locate a topic that is pertinent to posting your blog for free.

For each given topic, All Top imports the top news articles and stories from blogs and websites, displaying the five most recent headlines. You may increase traffic to your websites in this way. So, the next time you publish, be sure to constantly employ attention-grabbing titles.

How should a blog be submitted to Alltop?

Step 1: To submit your website, click here. You will be prompted to provide your username and email during the registration process.

Step 2: Once your site goes live, the Alltop support team will examine your submission and send you a confirmation email.

Step 3 (optional): Once your blog is live, you can brag about it by adding the Alltop badge!

2. Blog Flux (DA  53)

Most blogs’ primary location is Blog Flux. More than 150,000 blogs, covering topics including music, travel, and health, are listed there.

You can join it here and post your blog.

Step 1: To create a free account, click here.

Step 2: Add your blog or website from their home page as soon as you receive the confirmation email. You’ve finished!

3. Blogarama (DA  63)

The oldest and biggest blog submission website on the internet is called Blogarama. It began more than ten years ago and now has more than 100,000 registered users.

Follow these steps to sign up and submit your blog for free.

Step 1: Register using your email by clicking here.

Step 2: Freely add your new blog to their list of blogs. I’m done now!

4. On Top List (DA  42)

Another excellent blog directory is On Top List, where you may find many tech-related items, company pages, and blogging-related websites from all over the world.

Step 1: First, sign up for their community by clicking here. Your website will be manually reviewed by their support staff.

Step 2: Add their site’s badge to your blog and email their customer service team about it for a quicker approval process.

5. Blog Adda (DA  53)

The most recent and popular Indian blog directory is this one. It not only features a fantastic network of bloggers with whom you may connect, but the editors also choose the best blog articles each day to increase your exposure.

Here’s how to sign up without cost.

Step 1: First, sign up for their community by clicking here.

Step 2: Include your blog and take advantage of the exposure.

6. Blog Hub (DA  43)

This is a website where bloggers of all stripes can submit their blogs for free. They also offer the ability to start blogs!

Step 1: Click here to create a free account with them.

Step 2: You can add your site for free after activating the link you receive in your email inbox.

7. Blogs Collection (DA  37)

A massive blog directory called Blogs Collection was established more than nine years ago and gathers all significant blogs’ news pieces from around the world.

Step 1: Add your blog by clicking here.

Step 2: To submit your blog for free, choose the “Partner and Regular” listing option.

8. Blog Listing (DA  29)

Another rapidly expanding website where you can submit your blog for free to gain greater exposure is this one. Additionally, it has a domain authority of 59 and is a HIGH PR (Page Rank) directory site.

Step 1: Add your blog by clicking here.

Step 2: To boost the exposure of your website when it becomes online, start interacting with other bloggers.

9. Blog Engage (DA  45)

Another excellent blog directory with a sizable blogging community is Blog Engage. The best part of this website is how many bloggers and marketers are marketing their blog entries.

By paying $25 per month to join, even you can accomplish this.

How to submit your blog to Blog Engage?

Step 1: From this page, you can register.

Step 2: You should either include a banner for their website or write a review of them in order to manually submit your blog posts. When it’s finished, you can acquire access to their website by contacting their support staff.

10. (DA  51)

IndiBlogger, as its name suggests, is the biggest community of bloggers in India. This is the best option for Indians who want to post their blogs for free. You may connect with and engage with thousands of Indian bloggers who write on a range of topics.

How to sign up for Indiblogger?

Step 1: Click here to create a free account with them.

Step 2: To submit your blog to Indiblogger, enter the title of your site and other details.

Step 3: To increase exposure, make sure to manually submit each new post you produce to their forum.

11. Blogging Fusion (DA  37)

Adding a link to their blog directory will grant you access to their free account even though this is a premium blogging directory. It’s popular with many users, making it a wonderful spot to submit your website.

Step1: Click here to submit your blog in step one.

Step 2: Write about them or add a link to their blog directory, then get in touch with their customer service staff to request a free account. I’m done now!

12. Blog Ville (DA  26)

No matter what your niche, you can submit your blog to Blogville, a rapidly expanding blog directory. Your blog will be manually reviewed by them before being added to their directory of blogs.

How to add your blog to it is given below.

Step 1: Register for free by clicking here.

Step 2: Your blog will be carefully inspected when you register and receive a confirmation email. When it goes online, you’ll receive an email.

13. Blog Directory (DA  31)

It’s yet another excellent blog directory where you can freely submit your blog in order to gain links and broaden the exposure of your content. It displays several blogs on a regular basis under different headings, including Real Estate, Computers, and Academics.

To submit your blog to it, follow these steps.

Step 1: To create an account, click here.

Step 2: Select a category that relates to the subject of your blog, and you’re done!

14. Entire Web (DA 52)

Over 3.5 million users have utilized the Entire Web service to publish their websites for free, making it one of the most popular blog submission platforms. Your website will begin to appear on all the main search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and a huge number of other platforms, once you submit it there.

So, how can you free submit your website to Entire Web?

Step 1: After clicking on this link, you will be prompted to provide information such as the URL of your website and your primary email address.

Step 2: Select Continue to submit your site to our blog submission platform for FREE.

15. So Much (DA 36)

So Much is not just one of those sites where you can submit blogs at random. It is a friendly, free link directory where you can locate the best human-edited links arranged by topic and category in addition to having a very high DA.

So, how can I submit it to this website?

Step 1: To submit a link to your website for free, click here. Simply add your website’s URL and the appropriate category (along with a short description of your site). You’ve finished.

Step 2: Depending on how many submissions have yet to be reviewed, the free version (submission of the site) can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks before it is listed. Additionally, they provide a paid version for roughly $10 where your website will be approved in just one day!

16. Bloggernity (DA  40)

One of the most popular blog directories is Bloggernity since it offers a dedicated forum where you can communicate with other bloggers in addition to being a high DA submission site.

Here’s how to submit your blog to Bloggernity for free.

Step 1: Click on this link to get to the Bloggernity login page, where you must create a free account by entering your email address.

Step 2: After registering with your email, log in with those credentials and select “Add Blog” to submit your blog to their directory.

17. Plazoo (DA  42)

Use Plazoo blog posting site list, which has a fantastic domain authority of 69 and supports different languages globally, if you wish to add your blog feed or RSS feed.

Here’s how to submit your blog to Plazoo, which has 69 DA, for free.

Step 1: Add your website or blog’s RSS feed by clicking on this link.

Step 2: Finish by entering the information for your blog. The advantage of utilizing Plazoo is that you have access to the Plazoo Reader, which is more advanced than a typical RSS reader and allows you to add and manage RSS feeds with ease. It also provides access to a variety of other material, such as news, employment opportunities, films, photos, photographs, audio files, and so forth.

18. 1Abc Directory (DA  34)

One of the first blog directories in the world, 1Abc Directory has been online for more than 12 years and has a DA of 55.

Here’s how to add a link to your blog on 1ABC Directory for free.

Step 1: Follow this link to their submit page, where you can choose from a variety of submission options.

Step 2: Select the “free submission” option and provide the information for your blogs, such as the title, description, and URL.

19. Pegasus Web Directory (DA  34)

One of the best reasons to use Pegasus Directory is that it’s fully human-moderated, which means you almost never encounter spam links or spammy websites. Pegasus Directory is a free general web directory where you may post your blog links for free.

You may add your blog to the Pegasus Directory for free by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to their main page and select the category that best fits your blog’s theme.

Step 2: You may submit your blog by visiting the submit page. Typically, there are three possibilities (2 premium options). Simply select “free” to move forward. You must include information about your website, such as the title, meta description, keywords, and so forth.

20. Gain Web (DA  31)

Gain Web is a fantastic human-edited blog submission list where you may locate a majority of high-quality blogs.

Here’s how to submit your blog to Gain Web for free.

Step 1: Follow these instructions to submit your website to their platform, which offers a variety of choices, including premium price alternatives.

Step 2: Select the “Regular Link” that states it is free and enter the information for your website.

Are there any disadvantages of using blog submission websites?

The only significant drawback of using blog submission directories is “spamming.”

Spammy blog submission directories may eventually cause your site to be punished in Google search results because they accept practically all types of websites, including those with adult content, illegal content, gambling, and so forth. Therefore, we strongly advise you to avoid such websites.

We thoroughly validated each website on the list of blog posting sites, making them completely secure to use.

FAQs About Top DA Free Blog Submission Sites for 2022

Here are some of the most important questions about the top DA blog submission list you might want to know how they work and how you can get benefits from them in 2022 and beyond.

What are the best free blog posting sites for SEO in 2022?

Here are a few best free blog post sites that are really good for SEO in 2022 and beyond.
 Blog Engage
 Boing Boing
 Blog Adda

What is blog submission in SEO and how do blog submissions for free?

Blog submission entails posting the URLs to your blog or individual blog posts in order to obtain links, increase traffic to your content, and gain further SEO advantages. It is surprisingly easy to submit a blog. To submit your blogs for free, all you have to do is go to the websites (blog submission directory sites) where you wish to add links and click on the “Add URL or Submit Blog URL” buttons. Some websites offer fast approval, while others require a personal check before adding your website to their directories.

Are blog submission sites good or bad for SEO?

In all honesty, they are just as effective as obtaining links from guest posting websites. You won’t be affected by any Google algorithm modifications as long as you publish your blog links to high authority or high DA websites. Instead of adding your blog links to virtually every directory under the sun, it is advised to stick to 10 to 15 sites because you never know when they will disappear or get overrun with spammy website links.

Is it okay to add my blog to the blog submission directory sites that ask for a reciprocal link?

There’s no harm in adding reciprocal links especially when your site is relatively new but you can avoid them as well if you don’t want to pass any links to external sites.

What do most blog submission directories offer me apart from giving me a link?

In addition to adding your blog links for free, blog submission directories also let you put their badge as a widget to display on your website. That implies that you can vote for and add your own blog together with links to other blogs that you enjoy reading and following. In addition, you may browse blog directories’ catalogues, have your blog’s feed displayed on the home page, and more to find fascinating blogs to read.

Quick note: All the above blog submission sites have at least 40+ domain authority. DA (Domain Authority) is usually measured by the quality and number of links that are pointing to your site. It is calculated monthly by the Moz team which is usually considered a great domain metric at the SEO level. So this top blog submission site post is a great treat for anyone who wants to get high-quality links from top DA sites.

Blog submission sites: Are they really worth it?

You’ve already found a few of the best DA blog submission sites. While some of them charge for submission, the majority do not. The most crucial query is now: Are blog submission platforms worthwhile of your time and resources?

The blog submission websites are unquestionably worth your time. Here are a few brief justifications for what I’m stating.

Free of Cost: Most of the best blog submission platforms on this website are free to use. So you have nothing to lose by submitting your websites.

High DA: Every single blog submission site you see on this page has a DA of greater than 30, which can be highly beneficial to your SEO.

Quick crawling: These best blog submission platforms make it easy to crawl your websites quickly whenever your site is updated, which helps to swiftly improve your SEO.

Final thoughts about the top blog submission sites with high domain authority.

As I mentioned in the article, blog submission sites with high DA can help you improve your search engine rankings by supplying you with quality backlinks. Additionally, every time you add new content to your blog, you can broaden its audience.

You have it, then. The top 21 blog submission sites with 25+ DA in 2022 are listed above. To improve your SEO, I hope you submit your blogs to those blog directories. In 2022, I’ll be adding fresh material to this page, so be sure to save it for later use.

What do you think about blogs that accept submissions? Did I overlook anything? Please share this post on social media and let me know what you think in the comments.

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