I get excited when I hear conversion optimization, content marketing, funnels or lead gen.

My writing attracts, engages and converts.
Whether you’re a small business, SaaS company or entrepreneur, my custom content can catapult your online visibility and give you that boost to attract new leads.
I’m Sarrah, a coffee-loving millennial mom to a 10 year old boy and a professional writer for digitally native brands.
Hire me for your digital marketing writing, SEO content or copywriting needs.

How Can I Help You?

1. Who I am

I’ve been freelance writing for over two years and have written for amazing clients like Reply Jobs, Munjoh and dozens of others. I add color to your content making it easy to read, enjoy and share.

2. What I do

Copywriting – copy is a science and I know the formulas to help your business grow.
Email welcome series – Nurture and retain leads with a 3-day or 5-day welcome series.
Blog SEO writing – blog posts speak to your target audience and connect them to your brand and message. I write to help brands rank in Google on page one, spot one by writing consistent content that’s engaging and high quality.
Social Media – From designing eye capturing posts to writing engaging
captions, I cover it all!
You may browse all the projects done by me HERE

3. How I do it

I use my expert hands-on knowledge, skills and personal experience in digital marketing and SEO to craft content that makes people take action.

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